Praising is Amazing

Praising is amazing – it makes you feel so good,
Remembering the One who died,
Who shed His precious blood;
So shout for joy and let us bring
Sweet Hallelujahs to our King.
Lift up your voice and gladly sing
And worship as we should.

Praising is amazing – it lifts your spirit high
An bubbles up inside you
Till it seems to reach the sky;
Your soul is stirred, your heart is light,
It’s wonderful – it feels so right,
And gives our Saviour such delight –
Though only He knows why.

Praising is amazing – it’s hard just to conceive
The benefits that come to you,
The blessings you receive;
So let your anthems fill the air
And praise our Lord who’s always there
With lots of heavenly gifts to share
For all who will believe.

(Margaret Altham)


With many peaceful blessings



Published by


I am an author and broadcaster. In January 2013 I very nearly died but our Father God healed me and I am still alive to tell the tale! I have written/edited several books about the Bible, God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. My future ministry is focused on outreach. I do not just want to preach to the converted but to many people 'out there' who do not know Jesus as their Saviour and who are in great need of His love and compassion. Praise be to the Lord our God, our Heavenly Father

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