Mr Beans

The children called me “Mr. Beans” after I told them this story:

ON THE FARM where I lived as a child in Minnesota, we had to work whether we wanted to or not.

One morning in the spring-time on a day just right for fishing, my mother came to me with a pan of bean seeds and said: “Oscar, take these and plant them in the garden today. Put them in straight rows a few inches apart and cover each bean with dirt. Plant them all. Understand?”

I said “Yes.”

Planting beans is no fun. In fact, it’s a back-breaking job. Stoop down—get up. Stoop down—get up. On and on it goes. Who could enjoy that? And it was extra hard on me, because my mind was really down at the lake where fish were biting. But there was no way I could get out of it.

So I worked, daydreaming all the while about other things. Body in the garden—heart at the lake. Then, all at once, it happened. I accidentally stepped on the edge of the pan. FLIP! Over it went. Beans scattered everywhere.

What a mess! Now all I could see was more work than ever. But suddenly I got a bright idea: “There’s no need to pick up the spilled beans,” I thought. “I’ll just cover them up and no one will ever know the difference. And besides, that will end the job.”

So I did, and headed for the house with my rake and hoe and empty pan. Mother met me at the door and said: “Done already? Did you do a good job?” I said “Yes.” Then she let me go fishing.

But I knew in my heart that I had told a lie. All went well for a few days. Then something happened: the beans began to grow and came up through the dirt.

I mean ALL OF THEM—not only the ones I had planted in neat rows; but also the ones I had spilled. Now my story about doing a “good job” was ruined! And mother could see what had happened.

She understood it all. Because she loved me very much it was necessary for her to punish me for lying about the “good job” I didn’t do.

The Bible says: “BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT.” (Numbers 32:23)

We can’t hide anything from God. He knows all about the things we have tried to cover up.

I tell you this story, dear friend, because I also want to tell you another story: the story of Jesus. It’s more important.

He is the Son of God who came from heaven to do great things for you and for me. He knew all about our sins.

He died for us on the cross to take the punishment we deserve. He wants us to accept Him as our Saviour.

He forgives us when we believe on Him. “CHRIST JESUS CAME INTO THE WORLD TO SAVE SINNERS.” (1 Timothy 1:15) “THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON, CLEANSETH US FROM ALL SIN.” (1 John 1:7)

Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ right now. Tell Him that you are a sinner but that you want Him to take your sins away. He will do it. I accepted Him as my own personal Saviour when I was a child.

Now I have lived a long life and have learned to know Him better and to love Him. He has never disappointed me, and never will. I want you to know Him, too.

Sincerely, your friend, OSCAR F. MYERS (“Mr. Beans”)


What a marvellously thought provoking true story!

Always know that your sins will always be discovered. Our Father God always knows when you have transgressed His laws, even though you may be able to hide your deceit and untruthfulness from those around you.

When I was very ill in January 2013 and on the point of death I repented of all my past sins and asked God for His forgiveness and He saved me.

Praise be the Lord

God Bless

Geoffrey (an ex-sinner)


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I am an author and broadcaster. In January 2013 I very nearly died but our Father God healed me and I am still alive to tell the tale! I have written/edited several books about the Bible, God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. My future ministry is focused on outreach. I do not just want to preach to the converted but to many people 'out there' who do not know Jesus as their Saviour and who are in great need of His love and compassion. Praise be to the Lord our God, our Heavenly Father

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