Thought for Today

True encounter with God is not an external experience. Certainly, as a new Christian my prayers were always that tragic situations might be reversed through the direct intervention of God. This rather turns God into a divine Batman, seeking to right wrongs and realising justice in human terms.

Every time God didn’t intervene I needed to build a rational case to continue to believe, despite my prayer remaining apparently unanswered. I was able to perform such mental gymnastics, yet each time I knew that it was less than satisfactory and at times I struggled to keep faith alive in my heart as it was in my head.

As I have embraced more fully a confidence in a life of prayer, and made such a life my practice, I find less need to guide God with the outcomes to my prayers. God had to refine my faith so that I was not believing in the power of my consistent prayer, but in the source of life to whom I directed my prayer.

Prayer becomes a waiting upon God. I might carry people and situations before him, yet I trust that God has all things in hand. It’s all too easy for God’s critics to deny his potency by what appears a lack of intervention.

Yet, perhaps humanity enjoys the same degree of freedom God entrusted to their care within the Garden of Eden. Choosing to live by God’s grace is no guarantee of protection from the ravages of life. However, it does offer a full encounter with the divine experienced through the medium of prayer.

We are part of a generation that joins our forebears, the communion of saints, in looking to God in faith, and celebrating the potency of love in a fractured world.

Nothing can or will separate us from God, even though what we see and experience might challenge that choice. We exercise the courage to believe from our hearts and not from our heads.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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I am an author and broadcaster. In January 2013 I very nearly died but our Father God healed me and I am still alive to tell the tale! I have written/edited several books about the Bible, God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. My future ministry is focused on outreach. I do not just want to preach to the converted but to many people 'out there' who do not know Jesus as their Saviour and who are in great need of His love and compassion. Praise be to the Lord our God, our Heavenly Father

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