Mothering Sunday

As tomorrow is Mothering Sunday Marlene has created a special word search based on the theme ‘Mothering Sunday’ to challenge your Biblical Mind.
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Of Mice and Committees

A group of mice once formed a committee to consider the menace of the local cat.

After a good deal of discussion which led nowhere, one of the mice announced that he had a positive suggestion to make which he thought would solve the problem.

If a bell were to be hung around the cat’s neck, the mice would be given warning of his approach and would have time to run away to safety.

Amid squeaks of approval he formally put the resolution that such a bell should be secured and placed around the cat’s neck. The resolution was enthusiastically seconded and passed unanimously.

All the mice were delighted that the matter had been settled so satisfactorily and the chairman was about to close the meeting when a very old mouse who had appeared to sleep throughout the proceedings opened one eye, twitched a whisker and asked, “But who is going to change the bell?”

Then there was silence whilst the mice looked in dismay at one another. Everyone had taken it for granted that someone else would hang the bell around the cat’s neck!

The timidity of the mice is understandable, but are committees of human beings any better?

What is a committee? Well, it ought to be a group of people who are committed to not only talking but also to doing. Those who do not want to commit themselves should not volunteer to be on committees.

But, so very often, committees end where they began – doing nothing but talking – with only a vague hope that someone else is going to do something.

One school of thought tends to suggest that committees are created not actually to get things done but to evade – or, at least, postpone – some drastic action from which we shrink.

Jesus was always stressing that action is the test of our faith.

It is doing the will of our Heavenly Father that is the badge of citizenship of the Kingdom of God.

As Jesus says, “Blessed are they who hear the word of God and do it”. (Luke 11: 28)

With many peaceful blessings


My Two Healing Miracles

Last night I received not one, but two, healing miracles.
Yesterday I developed a nasty cough; and when I have a cough they normally stick around me for a week or two, sometimes longer.
I was not thrilled at the prospect of having another cough so I prayed to our Father God that when I awoke in the morning my cough would have disappeared.
And He answered my prayers.
I must have gone to sleep but suddenly I awoke and my throat was clear and I knew that my cough was gone, to wherever redundant coughs go.
I looked at my clock and I was astonished to find that I had only been asleep for less than two hours.
But the reason that I had suddenly been brought back to consciousness was because my stomach was in pain. I felt that it was no ordinary pain; it was hurting greatly.
Pain and me never get along well – and I was a little concerned. From being a cough-free zone in my body God had given me something else to think about.
Our Father God certainly knows how to grab my attention!
I couldn’t get comfortable in bed, the pain was too discomforting.So I went downstairs, so as not to wake Marlene, and sat in an armchair.
And, once again, I prayed and prayed and prayed.
And, once again, God answered my prayers, and within an hour or so, the pain began to subside and finally disappeared within a few further minutes completely.
Although I have had very little sleep my night has been one long prayerful adventure.
I find that the more I pray, the deeper I pray, I am drawing closer to God and am continually finding myself having a deeper relationship with Him.
Thanks be to the Lord our God for providing me with such a remarkable demonstration of His healing powers and He is always reminding me of Matthew 7: 7 when Jesus is saying, “Ask and it shall be given unto you”.
Praise be the Lord. Hallelujah.
With many peaceful blessings
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