Quo Vadis (Where are the Churches Going?)

I would like to share with you my latest video entitled Quo Vadis? (Where are the churches going to?)  which I have just uploaded.

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The Ninety and the Nine

The Ninety and the Nine
Ira Sankey was the song leader for the revivalist D L Moody. During Moody’s meetings, the halls would be filled not just with the sound of Moody’s powerful preaching but with the mellilfluous tones of Sankey’s strong baritone voice.
When Ira Sankey died on August 13th 1908 he had written more than 1200 hymns.
At one meeting, Moody asked Sankey to close the meeting with an appropriate hymn.
Sankey had nothing that he had prepared in advance but he did have a cutting out of a magazine featuring the words of a poem to which Sankey was very drawn.
But there was no music that had ever been written for this hymn.
So Sankey, relying only on the Holy Spirit, lifted his heart in prayer and asked God to help Him to sing so that the people might hear and understand.
Sankey began to sing.
The hall hushed as the words of the poem set spontaneously to music filled the hall.
And the audience was visibly moved as Sankey sand the story of the Good Shepherd.
And this hymn ‘The Ninety and the Nine’ greatly moved me too when I listened to this audio recording of Sankey himself singing ‘The Ninety and the Nine’.
If you click on the link below you too can listen to the powerful singing voice of Ira Sankey:-
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My Journey With The Holy Spirit

I have recently uploaded my latest video which describes my Journey with the Holy Spirit from my earliest days in a Methodist Sunday School to my present life, married to Marlene, and as a member of Clydach Methodist Church.

My powerful testimony includes how our Father God answered my desperate prayer request when I was ‘dying’ and how He brought me back to life because as Jeremiah 29: 11 says – God has great plans for my wife, Marlene, and I.

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How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds

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you will be able to view – and download – our latest video featuring the beautiful singing of my wife, Marlene.

This video was filmed at Beaufort Methodist Church during our Thanksgiving Service on Saturday, 6th June 2015.

Marlene sings in Tamil, Thern Inimyelum (How  Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds).


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